Keep your house out of the wind with a shelterbelt

Diagram of the wind going over a shelterbelt

If you have a house out on the open prairie, the cold wind will blow around your house. We all know that the wind chill makes the cold feel so much colder. Just because the thermometer says -20 doesn’t mean it can’t feel like -35! That is why you plant a shelterbelt. The wind will go around the shelterbelt, some will go through, but most will go over. Less wind keeps your house warmer and you save on heating cost!

We at Vanstone Nurseries grow poplar and willow trees that make excellent shelterbelts. They grow fast so you don’t have to wait for years and years to enjoy the benefits. Browse through the varieties below. Keep scrolling to find out how many trees you need and how to take care of them.

I received my shelterbelt trees, now what?

Your trees will be dormant, when you receive them, and will not look alive. They might even still be frozen, but this is fine. Please keep them in a cold place (no colder than -2°C) until you are ready to plant them.

1. Plant your trees

You may plant your trees as soon as the ground has thawed out in the spring. Plant them 1.8 m – 2.5m (6 – 8 feet) apart.

Water your trees right away after planting them.

2. Take care of your trees

Water them

For the next few months, we recommend you check them twice a week. Water them enough to keep the soil moist, but not saturated.
Your trees should be fine on their own by next year.

Keep them alive through the winter

Your new trees are hardy to growing zone 3 or 2. This covers roughly the lower half of Canada. For more detail, visit the interactive map on the Government of Canada’s website. You don’t need to do anything special to the trees for the winter. They will be fine on their own.

3. Enjoy your shelterbelt!

Our Return/Refund Policy

We cannot take returns due to phytosanitary concerns. We guarantee our trees to be in good health, true to type, and free from disease. We will give a full refund if these conditions are not met.